At Creative CBR, we hold a key vision, mission and values statement that goes beyond printing, framing and selling artwork. It’s important to us that you agree with what we’ve written here because it’s the foundations on which we run Creative CBR.

Our Mission

To build purposeful, creative communities that inspire positive impact in our world.

We believe in creating a sense of belonging, valuing that relationships, not transactions are the foundation of how we connect with one another. We believe in creating positive impact for those that share our world – Regardless of race, species or ideology.

Creative CBR is pursuing a mission to shine a light throughout our community, bringing together creatives to support people, causes and events that inspire a better world. A world we all share and hold responsibility for.

Our Vision

  1. To create communities and events that connects Canberra and its region, integrating with existing events, festivals and organisations based in Canberra.
  2. To inspire creativity and community across Canberra and its regions by presenting workshops, exhibitions and special events to increase audience knowledge and involvement in community focused projects.
  3. To be a financially sustainable organisation with a revenue model that generates a financial surplus, enabling it to invest back into our community.
  4. To raise funds for local organisations inspiring positive impact within our community.
  5. To attract complementary events, projects and partnerships to raise the profile of Canberra and its regions, extending opportunities for local industries.
  6. To Initiate conversations about social issues, environmental concerns and urban renewal.
  7. To be relevant to both the general public and the industry, attracting a broad audience demographic and introducing this audience to innovative in the areas in #6.
  8. To capitalise on local and national creative strengths in order to:
    • Develop the creative industries within our region
    • Increase business and employment opportunities in the region
    • Enhance the city’s national and international reputation in the creative arts and in community building.

Our Values


we love change

We are change makers that are inspiring those we connect with to make an impact. We want to see people thrive in their passions to create positive impact within our communities.


we love community

We are building genuine relationships that support, encourage and inspire stronger communities. We believe in standing for and with our community to do good things.


we love our world

We believe in taking care of our environment, our people and our community. Our long term impact depends on a vision that considers our impact on our global, collective future.


we love sharing knowledge

We love to share knowledge, helping people to grow in their passions. We believe that through sharing knowledge, we can inspire new ideas and collaborative solutions.