Commercial Art Rental

At Creative CBR, we’re tackling the challenge of making local creative work more accessible and affordable.

Driven by a passion to help people create inspiring spaces within their homes and workspaces, we’re changing the way we engage with art.

Why buy “art” from corporate giants like KMART and IKEA when you can support local creatives and inspire a Creative CBR!

Residential Art Rental

Beautiful, well placed artworks can inspire otherwise drab spaces, maximising the potential of your home selling.

Residential art rental is a great option for those looking to install larger statement pieces. 

We can also facilitate the purchase the artwork if your potential buyer is interested in retaining the artwork in the home.

Artwork rental that supports creatives

Traditional artwork rental operates on the premise that creatives only get paid once, when the artwork is purchased by the rental company.

We’re working with local creatives to develop an art rental program that supports their ongoing creative practice, whist helping organisations to create inspiring, energetic and thought provoking workspaces. 

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Our partners

We believe in building local partnerships, contributing as much as possible back into our local community.

Our partners, like us, are incredibly passionate about the growth of a Creative Canberra.

Sorry Melbourne! We’re making a comeback!

Lucent Imaging | Fine Art Printers

Lucent Imaging

45 90 Framing Gallery

4590 Framing Gallery

Building Community, for Community

At our heart, we’re driven by a mission to build purposeful, creative communities that inspire positive impact in our world.

By valuing that relationships, not transactions are the foundation of how we connect with each other, we’re finding creative ways to support those inspiring a better world. A world we all share and hold responsibility for.

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Community impact

We believe that our values should live out from day one and we’ve budgeted a 5% contribution from each purchase back into the wider community.

Cerebral Palsy Alliance
Disability support

The CPA supports over 100 families affected by Cerebral Palsy here in Canberra

local humanitarian

Mission Worx is a local organisation supporting those experiencing homelessness

Woodlands and Wetlands trust

The Woodlands & Wetlands Trust manages local ecosystems for positive, future outcomes.

Animal welfare

The RSPCA helps, protects and advocates for the better welfare for animals in our local community