By Creatives for creatives

Creative CBR was started by creatives for creatives. We work hard to balance key values, like quality (We print on Hahnemühle, Canson and Ilford Papers) with an audience looking for affordable artwork options.

By building collaborative partnerships, we’re making artwork more accessible to a wider audience, changing the way Canberra engages with local art.


We understand that our creatives are at different stages in their journey and that many have worked hard to increase the value of their work.

Our method is to make your work more affordable to a wider audience, increasing the potential for more sales at a lower price point.

Having your work more recognised and in more places will inherently continue to raise your profile as a creative, and interest in your higher priced limited edition works.

Our open edition prints are priced the same across all our creatives, making it more accessible for people to engage with your art.

WHat you get paid

Open Edition Prints
We pay you 20% of the listed price on all open edition artwork sales.

Standard Pricing table

Below is our standard pricing table for prints outlining the 20% you would earn as a creative.

If you would like sales earnings to be donated directly to charity, we’ll help you support the things you care about with an additional 10% donation.

Print Pricing

Size RRP Your Share
A4 Print $45.00 $9.00
A3 Print $75.00 $15.00
A2 Print $150.00 $30.00

Framed Print Pricing

Size RRP Your Share
A4 Print $150.00 $30.00
A3 Print $280.00 $56.00
A2 Print $380.00 $76.00

Reducing the Costs of selling high quality artwork

We know that preparing your work for sale can be time consuming and expensive. Our goal is to help you reduce your admin time and upfront costs so you can keep creating!

We’ve detailed the upfront costs using the traditional gallery model of selling a A2 framed print for $400 where you organise all the printing, framing and installation.

This doesn’t consider your time running around, gallery hire fees or other additional expenses.

Based on this system, you earn $25 on an artwork sold for $500. It’s harder to sell a more expensive artwork and the amount you earn as a creative is lower.

You can see the costing in the following table:

Cost RRP
Fine Art Print $55.00
A2 Tasmanian Oak Frame $230.00
Gallery Commission (30%) $150.00
Packing & Shipping $40.00
Total Costs $475

With Creative CBR, you earn $76 on an artwork priced more affordably at $380. Your work is more likely to to sell and we do all the work for you.

All our artwork is made using pigment based inks on archival cotton rag or photographic paper, framed in Tasmanian Oak and made here in Canberra.

The Base Cost of Selling Artwork

These are some of the RRP costs we’ve had to negotiate around to make our standard artwork range more affordable for a wider audience. The costs are indicative and based on preparing a single artwork. If you’re printing in bulk or preparing for a market, there’s no doubt that you can save 30% or more on these prices, but that also results in a higher upfront cost.

Printing and framing

Size RRP
A4 Fine Art Print $15.00
A3 Fine Art Print $30.00
A2 Fine Art Print $55.00
Size RRP
A4 Tasmanian Oak Frame $80.00
A3 Tasmanian Oak Frame $100.00
A2 Tasmanian Oak Frame $230.00


Cost RRP
A4 Art Backing Board + Sleeve $7.00
A3 Art Backing Board + Sleeve $11.00
A2 Packing Tube + Sleeve $6.00

Other Costs

Cost Amount
GST 10%
Card Processing 2% + $0.30


How are you different to other art sales websites?

We focus on building relationships with local community and actively work on ways to promote your work in our community.

We help creatives manage the cost of selling their work through their own channels, not just through our website and networks.

You have a choice of what paper your work is printed on, adding that unique, personal touch.

We have the lowest commission rates for limited edition prints and original artworks at 15% – 20%. The average commission charged by galleries is 30-40%.

What fine art papers do you print on?

We print on a range of Hahnemühle Fine Art and Ilford Photographic papers and you can choose exactly what paper you would like your artwork printed on.

Hahnemühle Fine Art

– Photo Rag 308 gsm
– Photo Rag Ultra Smooth 305 gsm
– Photo Rag Bright White 310 gsm
– German Etching 310 gsm
– Torchon 285 gsm

Ilford Photographic

– Smooth Pearl 310 gsm
– Gold Fibre Silk 310 gsm
– Metallic Gloss 260gsm

Can I sell work I didn't create, don't own or don't have rights to sell?

No! It’s really important that every piece you provide us is your own and that you have the rights to allow us to sell it. If it was a commissioned work or done under contract, please make sure you’ve got confirmation you have those rights.

If you don’t have those rights and we get in trouble, we’ll be forced to drag you in for the ride with lawyers and nobody wants that!

Do I have to sell my work exculsively through Creative CBR?

Nope. You don’t have to sell your work exclusively through Creative CBR. Our goal is to compliment your existing efforts to sell and promote your work.

If there is any way we can help you sell your work external to our website, events and other networks, we would be happy to help you facilitate that!

Why is there an approval process?

Our vision is to help creatives develop a commercial aspect to their practice which means we need to curate artwork that people would be interested in buying.

If we don’t accept your collection, it doesn’t mean that we don’t see value in your work. We accept art into Creative CBR with a balance of creative freedom and commercial viability in mind, allowing us to continue investing into the local arts.

Can I remove my artwork from sale?

For the products we list on our website, you have the opportunity to remove your work from sale at any time you want.

If you have agreed to have your work promoted though markets, exhibitions and retail outlets a few restrictions apply.

Stock for markets and exhibitions: If we’ve printed your work for markets, exhibitions or other sales opportunities, we reserve the right to sell any remaining prints we may have created. You are more than welcome to buy the remaining prints to remove them completely from distribution and we can negotiate on that price (The maximum would be RRP – 20%).

Stock for Retail outlets: If we’ve worked with you to create stock for retail outlets (such as gift stores and Amazon), we’ve invested a lot into preparing your artwork as a product. As such, we reserve the right to sell at least $500 of each product variation we’ve registered. If you want to completely your products from distribution you can pay out the administration costs we invested to prepare your products for market (Between $10-$50 per variation).

How do I get paid?

Open edition print sales will be paid monthly. Your payment will generally arrive within 14 days of the end of month.

Funds from Limited Edition and Original Print sales are normally released after confirmed delivery to us or, direct to the customer. If required, funds can be released earlier, directly to a printer or framer we have a relationship with to help you ship your work on time.

Do you only sell A4/3/2 Sized Prints?

At the moment, our standard range of open edition prints are only sold in standard A sizes. This helps us stock frames and allows us to ship your prints to customers as fast as 1 business day.

Do I need an ABN to sell my work?

Yes. Our goal at Creative CBR is to help practicing artists reach a larger audience. Having an ABN is one way we confirm we are working with creatives trying to earn an income from their art.

There may be instances where we accept creatives that don’t have an ABN. In such an instance, additional tax requirements may apply including a ATO tax withholding of 47% on any payments.

Do you have organisational Vision/Mission/Values I can read?

Glad you asked! We believe that our key values are super important. They define our purpose, the foundation of why we do what we do.

You can view our vision mission and values here: Creative CBR Vision, Mission & Values.

Personalised drop-ins and marketing material

We believe that your story as a creative is a huge part of why local art matters. We don’t include personalised drop-in material with our standard, open edition print range but do include an artist profile and story of the work.

With Limited Edition Prints, you can add any personalisation you would like as long as it doesn’t increase the size of the package.

How does copyright work?

Our vision is to support local creatives to reach a larger audience, not find ways to take control of their work. We don’t claim copyright of creative work, licence work perpetually or licence work with exclusivity, giving artists freedom to choose when and where they sell their work.

We don’t take ownership of your work but it’s important to recognise that in order to help promote and sell your work, we need to use your images in marketing promotions, across our website and in our social media posts. We don’t pay creatives additional licence fees to use their work in this way.

Are there any contracts or agreements?

We don’t use formal artist agreements as flexibility is at the heart of how we work with creatives. This Sell Your Work page outlines all the really important parts including what portion you get paid and how you get paid.

In instances where we work with artists on specific projects that aren’t as simple as what’s on this page, we’ll work out the finer details and make sure they’re all in writing.

We will always endeavour to work in the best interest of creatives in Canberra, which means looking after you too. If there is a dispute between us, we’ll work hard to solve the problem from a relational and moral stance, not a lawyerly one. If we think you are being unreasonable in a request, we’ll consult with other people in the industry including other creatives and arts organisations to reach a resolution that is seen as fair from both sides.

We believe this results in a better outcome for everyone. If you have any specific questions, you can call or email us for more details.